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Post  Lovino Vargas on 23rd June 2012, 11:51 pm

So yeah, it's taken me a while to write my intro, but i was feeling kinda lazy...
Alright so I'm Romano/Lovino Vargas, If you have watched hetalia than you should know me, and if you haven't, then why are you even here bastard?!? This is a hetalia themed role play, so either watch it or leave. Anyway, I will do my best role playing on this site, and if it's not good enough then deal, because I tried my best. We aren't all gifted in music, art, writing, and the rest of those stupid subjects (like my fratello..). As long as you aren't some bastard (which most of you don't seem to be so far), we can talk if you want so just chat with me whenever, i don't care. See you around.
p.s. Spain, you had better hurry up and get on this site! Not that i miss you or anything, that would be stupid, but do you expect me to wait forever for those tomatoes you owe me?

(OOC: I am glad to be here, it's been really fun ^^, and everyone else here seems nice and they role play really well. This is my first time role playing, so i am sorry if I epically suck. If you have any suggestions on how to improve my Romano role playing, please tell me don't be shy, I like advice. Caio! Smile )
Lovino Vargas
Lovino Vargas

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Post  Marisol Carriedo Jones on 24th June 2012, 10:40 am

Oh, hola, Romano... Sorry I've been gone for a while. Hahaha, you never change, do you? But that's okay, you're fine the way you are. Don't worry, you are in good arms. Don't be a stranger!

(OOC: I'm glad you like it here, I know it's not the best though... Hopefully things will get better though... I'm sure you will do fine. On my first roleplay, I felt I was doing such a terrible job..
I still feel that way, but somehow people still join in XD)

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Marisol Carriedo Jones
Marisol Carriedo Jones

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