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Post  Emil Steilsson on 13th June 2012, 9:48 pm

I have absolutely NO idea if this is in the right forum, or what I'm doing. But this is for the character application. I never did this before.

Country: Iceland
Human Name: Emil Steilsson
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (I got it from Google, sorry if it's wrong. >_<)
Birthday: June 17th, 1944(This is when Iceland got it's Independence.)
Personality: On the outside, he can keep his composure, and on the inside he can be warmer and passionate about things. He's usually known as quiet, but embarrassed when the Nordics are determined to get him to call Norway 'Onii-chan'(Brother dear). He usually has a Puffin, and seems to get suspicious over Russia though Russia is kind to him and helped him.
RP Example (five sentences please): The white haired Icelander sat silently at the world meeting. He shuffled through his papers silently, glad that today nobody was trying to pester him. Of course, everyone was arguing over the stupidest of things but he knew not to get involved. Such as an example, he can hear America and England from across the room arguing over comic books, seriously? Once he finally got his binder neatened up, he looked up only to see Germany screaming at everyone, great meeting, right?
Sorry if it's bad. >_<
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