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Post  Marisol Carriedo Jones on 10th June 2012, 6:37 pm


Human Name(if there isn't an official one, you can make it up): Linh Wang

Gender: Female


Birthday(if no official date, please give them a fitting date): September 16

Bio: Linh is one of the many states in China, she is one of the quiet ones in her family that doesn't love to go to the hello kitty store. She has a rather big soft spot for animals though. [Can't think for this right now @.@''']

Likes: Pocky, books, music, pokemon, friends, art, chococat, kerropi, cinnamaroll, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Dislikes: loud noises, being forced to do something in public, hello kitty, teased by her siblings.

Relationship: All of the Asian nations, states, and cities are her siblings and she will do all that she can to protect them.

Personality: She is usually quiet and forgotten like Canada, yet whenever she's alone she is loud insane and silly. She loves to have fun at times when not many people are around. [preferably alone] Once there's people she'll quiet down and bottle up her emotion's unless something exciting or devastating happens. That is when her bottled up emotions will explode.

RP Example (five sentences please):[not sure how this goes so I guess I'll do an introduction owo'']
Linh walked into a large room where many of the countries were situated. This being her first time she honestly didn't know where to sit. There were so many countries here! It made her state feel small, she quickly looked around for her big brother Yao, the personification of China. Once finding him she rushed over and sat next to him keeping to herself and quiet not wanting to disturb anyone.

Extra (anything that you want to let others know should go here): She doesn't act like her brother at all even though some people think she does. She is very different. She dislikes hello kitty and likes bunnies like Cinnamaroll and small frogs like Kerropi. The only cat she likes though is Chococat. Other then that, when it comes to fairs, or amusement park she goes to her childish nature. She also has a small crush on her two brothers Japan and Hong Kong, though she will never in her life time admit it to them.

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