Maple Syrup Explosion!

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Maple Syrup Explosion! Empty Maple Syrup Explosion!

Post  Matthew Williams on 7th June 2012, 10:19 pm

Canada wakes up. His cellar quickly filling with rich Maple Syrup. He opens his eyes and looks around. "Ow my head." He clutches the back of his head which is throbing with pain. "What happened? the last thing I remember. I was perparing for everyone to come over then there was a big explosion." He slowly tries to get up and then walks out of the room leaning up aganst the wall for support. "I-I need help i hope the others get here in time." His body sticky from the syrup is moving slowly as he climbs the stairs to his main floor. The syrup still rising already at three feet and flowing out like maple waterfalls. "Just one more stair" He climbs it then opens his door and falls to the floor. Then he hears the door bell ring. "It's unlocked please hurry!!!" He said this hoping for once his voice would travel.
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