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Post  Marisol Carriedo Jones on 23rd May 2012, 8:23 pm

Like most things in life, this site has rules that need to be followed. So please make sure that you obey the rules at all times.

1.) Be respectful to others. Nobody wants someone behaving rudely towards them.
2.) Please refrain from using profanity.
3.) Don't double post please.
4.) Please don't display your personal info.
5.) No harassing other members.
6.) Use the edit button to fix a post; please don't repost and edited post.
7.) Please avoid bumping a post; if you need someone to post, PM them.
8.) Please don't take anything from this site without permission.
If you have read through the rules, make sure to include "oranges"in your introduction.
9.) Don't spam except for in the spam folder
10.) Please don't advertise except for in the OOC category.
11.) Have fun!
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