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Vermont Application Empty Vermont Application

Post  Sarah K Jones on 5th June 2012, 8:22 pm

Country/State/Providence/City Name: Vermont

Age: A girl never tells her age~! Wink

Birth Date: June 6

Human Name: Sarah Kylie Jones

Human Age (How old they appear): 16

Appearance (You can give a link too if you wish): Vermont has curly blond hair that stays in a couple of braids. She has bright blue eyes, and needs glasses to see distances. She is very little for her age, about 5'1" but she manages. Her skin is pale. She usually wears plaid flannel shirts along with jeans and work-boots. Though in the summer when it's hot she switches to a t-shirt and capris, though all year she wears a neon orange hat.

Bio: Vermont was first raised by Canada and France, only to look up at them as brotherly figures. At first she was part of New France, and quickly became Vermont or "Green Mountains." During the Revolutionary War England beat her and took Fort Ticonderoga. Her siblings Massachusetts and New Hampshire helped her get her land back. After that she was on edge for years later. When she finally relax she also decided to release any slaves that were around along with her Northern siblings, and helped with the underground railroad. After the World Wars she was worse for wares from America asking so much from her and the others. Now thanks to tourists during the fall and winter (Leaves and snow sports), she's been feeling better.

Personality: Vermont is usually quiet and shy towards strangers. She can be rather unnoticeable (In Japan you have to say "Vermont curry" for them to know where you're talking about). When with someone she does know, she doesn't hold back. She is bubbly, friendly, and all out red-neck. She doesn't get mad all that often, but when she does it ain't pretty. Though most of the time she is a polite, quiet, sweet young girl.

Dairy products in general

The heat
Billboards (She can't stand them)

Relationships: Vermont is very close to New Hampshire and New York seeing how they live right next to her. They both helped her out when she was in need and sees them as good friends.

Canada is a brotherly figure she looks up to. She visits him often and even challenges him to hockey when she feels lucky.

France is another brother figure who she doesn't see as often as she'd like. SHe doesn't see how people think he's creepy, and finds him very nice.

Other (If they have any pets, what languages they speak, etc. This one is optional, so you don't have to use it.): She can speak french and English, and has a pet cow named Patty.
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Vermont Application Empty Accepted

Post  Marisol Carriedo Jones on 5th June 2012, 8:37 pm

Welcome to the family Vermont Very Happy Just make sure to follow the rules

Vermont Application 195796_667054
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