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Post  Matthew Williams on 4th June 2012, 8:16 pm

Country: Canada
Human Name: Mathew Williams
Birthday:July 1st
Personality: In contrast to his brother, Canada is calm, shy, sensitive, and hates fighting. Despite this, he is often mistaken for his brother and has found himself in trouble for incidents that America has caused. When he is not being mistaken for his brother, all the other nations tend to forget that he exists. He is also passive aggressive and was once able to make America cry by arguing with him for over three hours and pointing out every single one of his faults. It is also implied in a chapter he loves maple syrup as he is shown offering America some for his coffee.
He also has a pet bear named Kumajirou, who, unfortunately, always forgets Canada's name. In return, Canada always forgets Kumajirou's name as well. He's very laid back to the point where he spent a whole weekend staring at Kumakajiro's face and didn't even notice. He's sooo kawaii.
Extra: This is my first time roleplaying Canada so forgive me if i mess up. I also love Penguins and Oranges

Roleplay: The Shy Canadian Walked into his home after a long day of meetigs and paperwork. " Whaaa i'm so glad that that's over." He leans over up against a wall and slowly lides down to the floor. He hugs his knees. "I don't know why I bother going to those meetings. My Ideas are never heard and i'm stepped and sat on all the time." Kumajiro walks up and stares at Mathew. " Ah well at least you notice me Kumakajikko san" He smiles and sets Kumajiro in his lap and begins to pet him. Kumajiro,as usual asks who Canada is. Canada frowns. "I'm Canada your owner!." He sighs and stands up holding his polarbear in his arms. He walks over to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of maple syrup and sets it on the counter and sets kumajiro in his bed in the kitchen. He Looks in the cubbard and Grabs a pot and fills it with water."I hope this tea turns out well." He sets the pot on the stove and sets a tea bag inside it. After Fifteen minuets of waiting his tea was ready." Finally". He poured it into a cup and then added some sweet maple syrup into it. He then walks over to his cozy arm chair. lit a few candles and sat down crossing his legs."I'm soo sleepy" Kumajiro not wanting to stay in his bed had come over and curled up on the canadian's lap. "Awwww Kumajikiko san you want to sleep with me?" He takes another sip and pets Kumajiro till he nearly falls asleep. "sometimes I wish I could do this forever." He then falls asleep.
(I hope this is good haha when im feeling creative my posts are like 5 of these long sometimes)

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Post  Marisol Carriedo Jones on 4th June 2012, 10:06 pm

Ah, this is completely my fault since I didn't do it yet *facepalms self* You have the character, but may I ask one favor? Can you add a roleplaying example please? 5 sentences or so will do... I don't mind if it is in first-person or third-person, either is fine. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.... Other wise the application is good...
I'm sure you'll do fine though
~Welcome to the site~

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